Chat with your DATA

Have natural conversations with data extracted from Scanned docs, PDFs and URLs.

Scanned docs - Contracts, Legal documents, Medical records

PDFs - Academic articles or papers, User manuals, Reports

URLs - News articles, Blogs, Online course content

Data sources :






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How can we help ?

We can help you in enhancing your customer buying experience and supporting your customers after their purchases.
Cense eCommerce Store Assistant will assist in capturing leads, product search and comparison for the end user, enticing them for purchase by pushing promotional offers, increase sales by up-selling & cross-selling, integration with popular commerce frameworks like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BIGCOMMERCE and custom made applications.

Easy Set-up

Setting up Cense Retail Assistant is as easy as clicking few buttons and providing basic store information for integration, absolutely no coding required.

Data Security & Privacy

We take our customers Data Privacy and Security very seriously. Data can be de-sensitized and de-identified so that sensitive information is anonymous.

Intelligent Search

Cense Retail Assistant is equipped to provide smart and intelligent way of searching products.

Automate conversations with AI

Our AI-powered agent provides answers to your most frequently asked questions. This assistant can be further trained to handle many more queries.

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Configure marketing campaigns in seconds

Create Email & SMS templates and set up your campaigns with a couple of clicks. Upload customer data bases and set up your campaigns with a couple of clicks. 80% Average open rate for Cense's personalized mobile messaging campaigns.

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Cense Conversational AI Platform

Cense virtual assistant is a perfect fit for online business owners that can not only take care of their customers, but also be a tremendous help for Website Administrator and Operations

  • Assist shoppers to find best offers and coupon codes
  • Easy retrieval of Order & Tracking Information
  • Hassle free integration of Returns
  • Back in stock notification to customers
  • Showcase of products for up-sell/cross-sell based on customer purchases

Customer Service & Support

Enhance online shopping experience with Conversational AI thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Allows human agents to intervene in a conversation in real time whenever a process determines it.

Re-focus your reps on your highest-value customer conversations


Why is CenseAI the best choice for your online eCommerce Store?

1. Easy Setup Process

Setting up CenseAI Chatbot is as easy as clicking a few buttons and providing basic store information for integration, absolutely no coding required.

2. Intelligent Search

Chat in Simple English. Cense bots get trained on a regular basis based on user interaction with the system and get smarter day by day.

3. Data Security & Privacy

We take our customers Data Privacy and Security very seriously. Sensitive information is anonymous when used for support, analytics, testing, or outsourcing.

4.Assistant Branding

Cense Assistants is not just a software, it's your brand’s representative. Customize your Chatbot as per your brand standards.

5.Commerce Integration

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BIGCOMMERCE, Opencart, PrestaShop and custom made Applications. You name it, we have it.

6.Messaging Platform Integration

Integrate CenseAI with popular Messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, MS Team, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.



Simple 3 Step Process for eCommerce Success

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  • Step 1

    Register on CenseAI platform

    Get started with our Free Forever plan by Signing Up for CenseAI platform.

  • Step 2

    Integrate the bot with your Online Store

    Follow the simple step by step process to integrate Cense with your Store

  • Step 3

    Let Cense learn and do its Magic

    Cense will start learning about your store and help you optimize it based on data.


Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational AI is the use of Artificial Intelligence that supports human like interactions between a human and a machine. Conversational AI uses machine learning, natural language understanding to interpret and interact with users through chats.

It uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Preprocessing to understand what user has said which is taken care by NLU and predict the appropriate response based on the context and history which is handled by Cense Core.

Artificial intelligence chat bots can help you increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and save you time. They provide human-like help without the need to forward your site’s visitor to the call agent until a complex issue comes up.

WhatsApp chatbot is a messaging channel that either uses artificial intelligence or pre-programmed rules to engage with the users on WhatsApp platform. Customers/users can communicate with WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, like talking to a real person. It’s a set of automated replies that simulates a human conversation on WhatsApp.

E-Commerce companies need tools that can do the following:
  • Lead Generation Using WhatsApp marketing templates, businesses can reachout to thousands of users. Users interested in products or services will send a message.
  • FAQs or Frequently asked questions Usually customers have lots of questions regarding products and services, so instead of reaching out to customer service/support, WhatsApp chatbot can answer all the customers FAQs. This will ensure only the complicated queries get redirected to the business owners or support team.
  • Users buying journey The entire user buying journey like searching for a product, Placing an Order, Shipments, Refunds and Returns, Repeat Orders, Feedback Collection, and Retarget Abandoned Carts can be easily done in WhatsApp integrated with Cense AI.

We provide consultations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, automation within the internal applications as well as external applications. We also help businesses in integration and development services to instill intelligent in their business processes. Based on the custom requirements we propose, design and implement solutions that would meet specific client requirements.